Plumbing & Well Services


E.R. Lighty Plumbing Services, your trusted partner for all your plumbing needs. From installing new toilets or water softeners to expertly addressing pipe issues, leaks, and unclogging challenges, our experienced team is here to provide efficient and reliable solutions. Whether you're upgrading your bathroom/kitchen fixtures, or dealing with unexpected plumbing issues, you can rely on us for a seamless and stress-free plumbing experience.

  • Water Softeners: Repair, Replace, Install

  • Water Filtration Systems: For happier, Healthier water to your home

  • Water Treatment Services: Testing and treating your water for commercial and residential.

Well Service

At E.R. Lighty Co., we are your trusted experts in updating, servicing or maintaining complete well systems, encompassing well pumps, pipes, and tanks. With our decades of experience and dedication to excellence, we ensure that your well system functions seamlessly, providing you with a reliable source of clean, fresh water Whether it's time for an upgrade to modernize your well system, routine maintenance to keep it running efficiently, or timely repairs to address any issues, our skilled technicians are here to assist you. We understand the importance of a well- functioning water supply in your home or business, and we are committed to delivering top-tier service to meet all your well-system needs. Trust E.R. Lighty Co. for comprehensive well-system solutions, ensuring your water supply is dependable and hassle-free.

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